Panniculectomy explained

Panniculectomy is the surgery to obviate extra and excessive amount of tummy or abdominal tegument and fat from the lower abdominal portion of body. This extravagant aggregation of fat depository is called “pannus”. It can occur in the situation when a person who is obese or extra weight had a sudden loss of extreme weight. Hence, panniculectomy is the surgical operation which is of special significance to an individual who has obesity and have some sort of skin infection or vexation on relentless basis as it provides a remedy through a less intense surgical operation compared to abdominoplasty.

Panniculectomy and abdominoplasty are two medical terms which are often used related to weight loss and reducing fats. It must be noted that there is a reasonable difference prevails between the two processes and each one is used according to the particular situation of the person suffering.

Panniculectomy  is done following weight loss surgical procedure and is solely performed to get rid of extra fat and skin in the abdominal and stomach and abdominal areas. It is a usual observation that excessive fat and skin normally hangs encircling the back portion, on the hips and even further down below the knees. Panniculectomy surgical procedure is often confused with a tummy tuck in which extra skin is eliminated to tighten the stomach and abdomen area. So the real panniculectomy operation involves getting rid of abundant fat and skin and it doesn’t involve the procedure which actually tightens the abdominal muscles.

Additionally, another worth noticing difference in the two processes is that the panniculectomy takes care of the pannus problem and the elimination of flesh, where as the abdominoplasty process handles the abdominal or stomach muscles known as “rectus abdominis”

It is a common observation that if a person sheds an unexpected quantity of fats, for example, in between the scale of one hundred to two hundred pounds, it is quite possible that the apron of skin could hang naturally on the knees or even in some abnormally worst cases further below knees. In medical terminology, surgeons measure this skin overhanging on a scale of one to five, which determines the severity and the worst condition.

In comparison, the tummy tuck is termed as more severe surgical treatment and is usually adopted in the situations where a person is looking to tighten abdomen muscles and get rid of extra fat while reducing weight at the same time. Tummy tuck surgery is quite popular among women after giving birth who want to get rid of stretch marks after delivery and re-gain their body shape to the pre-birth stage.

Depending upon the particular situation specific type of procedure can be applied for shaping up the body and achieving good body shape.  Panniculectomy can also be possibly done in conjunction with specific procedures with another surgery such as hysterectomy, and both can be operated simultaneously one after another. It is highly recommended that prior to going through any of the surgical treatment including panniculectomy, patient must consult his/her family doctor/physician or an experienced surgeon to get the best possible advise and option to attain the best results.